Ayurveda & Abhyanga Level 1 Course

This course will be accredited by BSS, CMA and BAAAP; successful participants will be offered the opportunity to take up membership with CMA and BAAAP.

This course is designed to introduce the world of Ayurveda and its timeless remedies to the seekers of nature’s answer to redress the imbalances in our lives. The course will enable the participant understand the origin, principles and concepts of Ayurveda and become proficient in full body Abhyanga massage suitable to the Ayurvedic body-type.

Ayurveda course 1 tutorial room


Kerala Ayurveda Spa Clinic, 719 STRATFORD RD, Sparkhill, B11 4DN.

Course Structure

The course will be conducted in English by Kerala, South India, Ayurveda University Qualified and Experienced Practitioners with BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurveda and Bachelor in Surgery) Certificate.

Each course will comprise of 8-10 students working in groups of two, the course is conducted using Training Manual & Education Pack, Charts, Training Videos, Demonstrations and Practical Training. Participants having a basic knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology will be at an advantage.

Course Duration

Each course will be conducted over a 10 week period as follows:

  • Weeks 1 to 5 - Theory
  • Weeks 6 to 10 - Practical and Clinical experience 5 hours/week for 3 weeks as per arrangements with tutor followed by a 2 Hour Theory and 2 x 1 hour Practical Exams

The papers will be sent to Kerala for BSS to issue the Certificate upon successful completion and attendance.

Appropriate clothing and footwear needed plus, file, clipboard and writing utensils.


Course cost is £650.

Full payment is required to book your place. Payment is non-refundable if cancellation is within four weeks of the course starting. Cheques should be made payable to Sampurna Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.

Job Opportunities

Sampurna can offer post course job opportunities at the Clinic or refer to other Ayurveda Clinics upon satisfactory completion.