Mr S — Diabetes


Mr. S had Diabetes Type II for two years before he approached Sampurna Kerala Ayurveda for treatment. He complained of low energy, depression, gas formation, acidity, and burning micturition (off and on). Even though he was taking allopathic oral anti-diabetic medicines, his blood sugar was not under control expectedly, doctors had advised him to take insulin. He wanted us to help control his sugar without any strong medicines.


Our main challenge was to reduce his weight and boost up his mental stamina. After analysing his medical history and present condition, we devised a customized treatment plan that comprised specific procedures aimed at improving the patient ‘s well-being. Our Vaidyas also created a special diet and lifestyle plan, which was aimed at helping the patient manage his energy levels and improve overall health through proper regulation of the food he ate and the activities he did throughout the day.


Mr. S has been taking our special treatments for over six months and has witnessed considerable improvement in his condition. He has lost seven kilos and is feeling relaxed and lighter. His blood sugar is also under control now.

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