Client Guide—Advice to Clients taking Ayurvedic Massages

Videos on our YouTube site demonstrate and explain the types of Ayurveda treatments we offer at our clinic.

The primary purpose of Ayurvedic massage is to help break and remove the toxins within body that has taken a grease-like form often stubborn and hard, making removal difficult, time consuming and un-pleasant at times. The specialised Dosha oil (warmed) assigned by the Vaidyar, continuous strokes and techniques, full-body steam application, followed by the herbal formula wash/scrub, is an intense, dynamic and expansive experience.

If you have severe ailments please consult your G.P. first.

Upon arrival and departure update the duty Vaidyar of your condition.

If you pre-book your next session you may secure the time suitable for you.

Oils used may stain your clothing, please bring along old, dark and warm clothes to change into.

For best results Clients are advised to take note of the following:

  1. Take a hot shower just before leaving home and dress warmly to retain the heat. This is necessary before commencing the massage as it is understood that the toxins that we are trying to break and remove, are a grease-like putrefied waste and the heat from the shower helps to soften and loosen the toxins, in preparation for the actual massage.
  2. Specially prepared Dosha oil for the individual is warmed and then applied to the body. This warm oil will allow for better absorption into the skin.
  3. Throughout the massage it is important not to talk unnecessarily, the therapist have to concentrate on the treatment, massage instructions will be given to the therapist. This allows you to fully experience the subtle effects of Ayurvedic massage. Don’t sleep but enjoy what is taking place.
  4. After this you may proceed to the steamer (optional) for a period of around 10-15 minutes (time will be determined by Dosha). It is important to drink water to replenish fluids lost during the massage and steam. The therapist will place a small towel around your neck to help prevent steam escaping. The therapist will also constantly monitor you. Once you have been in the steamer for a sufficient amount of time, remain seated for a minute or two to cool down a little before getting out. Take some more water. Be careful not to place your full weight on the steamer frame when getting out.
  5. The therapist will assist you to get wiped down and dressed. You may then go home. It is advisable to rest a minimum of two to three hours as the Doshas will be fluctuating a great deal and unable to best support you during this time. You may feel sleepy and slowed down a great deal, though sometimes you may feel energetic too! If you must go to work try to wait until after lunch at least and avoid any strenuous or stressful activities. Eat lightly and stay quiet. The next day feel free to send some feedback of your experiences and ask any questions that you may have.
  6. Children are strictly forbidden in the treatment rooms unless they are undergoing treatment.

Confirmations and Cancellations

We are not related to or associated with any other spas “Ayurveda Shops” Our prices are kept down as much as possible to offer high standards and quality at an affordable price.

Please understand that cancellations cost us money, to avoid this we will ensure that clients receive a text reminder the day before and a phone call in the morning of the booked appointment. If for whatever reason you need to make changes or cancel your appointment, you will have 24 hours to do so. After that, if you have to change your booking or cancel within 24 hours of your booked appointment, there will be a charge. If you are late for an appointment, you may need to re-book..

Thank you for your understanding.