Miss E — Eczema

A child aged 12 was brought to our clinic by her parents for her severe eczema. She had been suffering since the age of 3 with extensive lesions throughout her body. Her symptoms included itching , flaking and discoloration of these patches. Modern treatments such as Steroid creams and emollients had stopped working years ago. The child was advised a special diet plan after a comprehensive examination of her prakriti by our Vaidyar. Some mild Ayurvedic oils were given to keep her skin moist. The parents were also advised of regimens including food and other hygiene procedures to follow for the whole family. The follow up consultation after 2 weeks showed how well the child had progressed. it amazed even the parents to see that the skin had actually responded to the changes so quickly. There is an ongoing care plan for her skin and the child is showing constant progress according to both her parents and the Vaidya.

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