Mrs K — Frozen Shoulder


Pain and stiffness in the right shoulder past 2 years, with restricted movement. She is not able to lift the arm after certain point as she feels it is stuck. She is not able to sleep on the right-hand side as it is very painful, morning the stiffness is more. On palpitating the shoulder and arms, it was very tender.

Ayurvedic Approach

Treatment started with lifestyle modification and certain diet restriction. Patient was put under series of therapies and set of Ayurvedic herbs for period of 1month.


  • 1st week: Improvement in the flexibility of arm, less pain and stiffness in the morning.
  • 2nd week: Arm has become more flexible, she was able to drive her car better with no pain.
  • 3rd week: Flexibility is good, no feeling of arm getting stuck. Less morning stiffness.
  • 4th week: Patient was able to move her arm very well with maximum flexibility and no pain. On oscillating the shoulder, patient had no pain.

She was advised to be very light on any physical stress.

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